Astar Network Powers Up Tokyo Ward’s Web3 Strategy

• Astar Network has partnered with Shibuya, the Tokyo ward, to support its web3 strategy.
• The agreement will see Astar host events such as hackathons and educational programs focused on web3.
• Through partnerships and business agreements, Astar is playing a major role in facilitating web3 growth in Japan.

Astar Network Partners With Shibuya

Astar Network has signed an agreement with Shibuya, the Tokyo ward famed for its commerce and finance. This partnership marks a landmark between a Japanese blockchain and one of Tokyo’s largest districts.

Supporting Web3 Strategy

The agreement will see Astar support Shibuya’s new web3 initiative and host events that support this strategy. This includes hackathons, educational programs, and other activities related to web3 development in the area.

Reducing Barriers To Adoption

Astar is taking steps to reduce barriers to broader web3 adoption through education and providing opportunities for engineers and business leaders to participate in this growing sector. It is also creating case studies for solving economic challenges using web3 technology.

Startale Labs In Shibuya

Shibuya is home to Startale Labs, the web3 tech company founded by Astar Foundation CEO Sota Watanabe. Through this partnership, Startale can take advantage of the benefits of being located in one of Tokyo’s most prominent financial hubs.


The collaboration between Astar Network and Shibuya represents a significant milestone in the growth of blockchain technology in Japan. Through its various initiatives, Astar is helping create an environment where developers can leverage the power of web3 technologies to create innovative solutions while also reducing barriers to adoption among businesses and individuals alike.