Chancer Achieves $1M Mark, Exchange Listing on BitMart Exchange!

• Chancer has surpassed the significant $1 million fundraising milestone and is now listed on BitMart Exchange.
• Chancer is a disruptive force reshaping the traditional betting industry by allowing bettors to set their own rules and odds.
• The platform offers multiple ways for users to earn, including betting, market-making rewards, staking, and Share2Earn scheme.

Chancer Passes $1 Million Mark

Chancer, one of the most exciting new crypto projects of 2023, has raised over $1 million in its presale. To celebrate this milestone, Chancer tokens are now available for purchase on the official website at a current price of $0.011 before rising to $0.012 in Stage 3 of the presale. The project also announced its first exchange listing on BitMart – a popular exchange with users from over 180 countries and a daily trading volume of more than $500 million.

Changer Redefines Betting Industry

Chancer’s mission is to put the power back into bettors’ hands by eliminating potential manipulation from centralized betting houses or bookmakers. Through their platform, anyone can create a bet using their own rules and odds that other people can then choose to participate in via live broadcast. All bets are made and paid out using CHANCER tokens, which offers utility as it is essential for operating within the platform. Additionally, Chancer is CertiK audited which ensures user security and confidence in the platform’s services.

Multiple Ways To Earn With Changer

Users have multiple ways to potentially earn money through Changer: betting, market-making rewards, staking rewards; and Share2Earn scheme which incentivizes users to refer others onto the platform with rewards for each successful referral made by them or their friends/contacts..

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The success of Changer’s fundraising efforts along with its innovative approach towards redefining how people wager money shows great promise for this project’s future growth! With multiple ways for users to earn money through various activities like betting , market making , staking , etc., it looks like there will be plenty of opportunities available on this platform for everyone involved .