Shimmer Reaches 1 Million Transactions, Joins Hands With SPYCE.5

• Shimmer, the Layer-1 staging network of the IOTA network, has hit a new milestone with 1 million daily transactions on its ShimmerEVM testnet.
• The surge in transaction volumes is largely attributed to Treasures of Shimmer, an Ethereum-based gaming experience developed by IOTAHeroes.
• Recently, Shimmer partnered with SPYCE.5 to provide organizations the necessary infrastructure and consultation to build projects atop IOTA and Shimmer.

Shimmer Reaches Massive Milestone

The ShimmerEVM testnet has already clicked the milestone of 1 million daily transactions majorly driven by the release of Treasures of Shimmer. This boasts of the platform’s scalability as well as its ability to handle very high transaction volumes. With major improvements made by Shimmer’s DevOps team, the #ShimmerEVM Testnet is running absolutely smoothly and seamlessly.

Treasures of Shimmmer

The recent surge in the transaction volumes on the ShimmerEVM testnet has been contributed by Treasures of Shimmer, a Web3 gaming experience developed by IOTAHeroes that encourages greater participation in the Shimmer network and helps strengthen it. Furthermore, it also offers exciting rewards to all participants in form of $SMR tokens.

Partnership with SPYCE5

In order to provide organizations with necessary infrastructure and consultation for building projects atop IOTA and Shimmer, The shimmer network recently partnered with technology infrastructure provider SPYCE.5 . This collaboration is beneficial for both parties involved as it will help them achieve their respective goals more efficiently and effectively without any hindrance from external factors.

Project SPYCE 5’s Million-Dollar Project

SPYCE 5’s million dollar project is aimed towards helping organizations build projects atop IOTA and shimmer using their technological infrastructure services coupled with expert consultations from their experienced technical staff members. Through this project both shimmer and SPYCE 5 would be able to collaborate more closely thus achieving considerable success for both parties involved in this venture together .


Shimmers successful launch of its EVM testnet alongwith treaure trove game has encouraged a lot people around world to participate in it which led it achieving impressive milestone like one million daily transactions . Together through partnership with spyce 5 , they have achieved great success which will be beneficial for both parties involved .