The eternal debate: How much Ripple is in XRP?

For many crypto investors and interested parties, the terms ripple and XRP are used synonymously. The company Ripple Labs, however, insists on considering both terms separately. In addition to ideological correctness, there is also a pragmatic reason behind this – the SEC threatens regulation.

Ripple wants to make the differences clear

„The ripple price is rising rapidly“, „A ripple currently costs just under 0.50 US dollars“ or „More and more investors are betting on ripples“ – these kinds of statements can be heard again and again in cryptospace. But how accurate is such a designation?

If you ask those responsible at Ripple themselves, then statements like the ones mentioned above are simply inadmissible. For some time now, the slogan „XRP is not Ripple“ has been used, which primarily means „XRP is not ONLY Ripple“. Ripple is rather a company that offers global payment services for financial institutions. The token naturally plays an important role in the Ripple ecosystem, but it is just a gear in the transmission. XRP is the fuel that keeps the functions in the Ripple network – primarily xRapid – alive.

Ripple further elaborates on this distinction on its website

The company Ripple is currently making every effort to highlight the differences between Ripple and XRP. Recently, the company posted a graphic on its Twitter account. It contrasted the two terms and separated the company from the coin. In it, XRP is not even described as an essential element of the Ripple ecosystem, but as an „independent digital asset“ based on open source.

It says that the XRP Ledger cannot be owned by a single person or institution, but exists independently. Accordingly, despite the high proportion of XRP held by the company, Ripple does not control the crypto currency. The success or failure of the XRP token is rather the responsibility of the community of investors and users of the tokens. Another point highlighted by the Ripple makers is that an investment in the Ripple company is not to be equated with an investment in the XRP crypto currency.

In the course of the rebranding of the XRP token, the icon of the crypto currency was also changed. Previously, the three circles connected in the middle, which represent the company’s logo, had also been used for the token. In the future, X, which is cut horizontally in the middle, will emphasize the independence of the token. Thus, the equation of company and crypto currency is to be made visually more difficult from now on.